Special for the week

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Hello everyone!  I’m having a special for the week.  50% off eyelash extensions.  Come try them out.  Normally $100 for a full set but this week $50 for a full set.  Book your fill appointment before you leave for 3 weeks and get $10 off that fill appointment.




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Friday March 1st is my LAST DAY of school!!!!!!!!  YAY.  It’s finally here.  I take my Practical March 6th and my written on March 8th.


Thanks for all the suppore everyone as giving me.  Love you all and see you soon full time at the salon.





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The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here………

My last day of beauty school is looking to be March 5,6 or 7.  Will know more as it comes closer.




Almost done……….

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Hello everyone!  School is coming to a close….. YAY!!!!

I have switched schools, I am now going to Lee’s Beauty School in east Olympia.  It’s been a great switch.  I’m more stuff then at the first school.  I’m learning waxing and eyelash extensions just to name a few things.   I’m so looking forward to getting my licence in March.


Thank you everyone for the support you have all giving me.  I’ll behind my chair full time soon.



Updo’s on my manikin

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Here is a victor roll updo with my manikin and just some tight curls on the back.


New color line

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Hello i’m trying out a new color line by Kenra and I like it.  Here are some photos.  Before and after pics.

Hope you like.



Salon & School

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say a hello to everyone and give you an update on things.  I’m on break from school until the 12th,  School is going really good.  I’m out on the floor now.  And couldn’t be happier.  Just loving getting my hands in the hair and working that magic.  So please feel free to come to the school if you need hair cut’s, color, foils, I’ll be happy to work on you at the school.

The salon is going great as well.  I couldn’t ask more for what I have.  Dee and Jody are both kicking some but up here holding the fort down for me as i’m going through beauty school.  I surprised both Dee and Jody with there birthdays by getting them balloons and flowers for them.  Thank you very much to the both of you for staying by my side and helping me out.  I love you both.

Thank you to all the clients,




School update

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I’m so loving beauty school.  I have done 3 hair cuts so far on live models and tons on my mannequin.  School is a blast.  Loving my class mates all but one.  But you can’t please all of them or like all of them.  I’m so trying find out inside of my self why I can’t stand her thou.  They say it’s what you don’t like about your self is you why you don’t like that person.  But man I can’t figure it out.  So I just bite my tongue and keep smiling.  I have another hair cut model on Thursday  this will be the round layer.  Then we are back in the class room for a couple more weeks learning color/foils/ all that stuff!


Well just wanted to give you all brief update on what’s happening.  Love all of you and thanks for all the help.



Beauty School

I have signed up for beauty school  YAY!!!!  I start Tuesday.  It will take me about 11 months and I might be able to finish in 10.  I will still be doing massages.  School is Monday-Friday 8-430, and I’ll be doing one massage a night if it’s booked at 5pm and then all day Saturday and Sunday I’ll be doing massages as well.  My goal once beauty school is done is to do hair 3 days a week and massage 3 days aweek.

Thank you for all your help and support,   You all have been so wonderful to Joseph and I and the the girls at the salon.  I will do my dammedest to be here for all of you as well.

I love all of you so very much.



Station for lease

Hello everyone, I have a styling station for lease.  If interested please call the salon and ask for Robert please.




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